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13th April 2014

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Mix an old Indiana Jones movie with my friend C.A.B.’s wonderful characters Sadista and Silke Arches, add a bit of boredom and a little too much free time and…voila.

Mix an old Indiana Jones movie with my friend C.A.B.’s wonderful characters Sadista and Silke Arches, add a bit of boredom and a little too much free time and…voila.

10th April 2014

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Well…practice does make perfect, they say!

Well…practice does make perfect, they say!

9th April 2014

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It’s been a while but I haven’t forgotten the “Angelique” series.  If this is new to you, the previous installments are in the archive.

It’s been a while but I haven’t forgotten the “Angelique” series.  If this is new to you, the previous installments are in the archive.

9th April 2014

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A friend encouraged me to continue this series.  Enjoy.

A friend encouraged me to continue this series.  Enjoy.

9th April 2014

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The next installment in the saga of The Bad Lieutenant’s “Teens Fire and Frost.”

The next installment in the saga of The Bad Lieutenant’s “Teens Fire and Frost.”

9th April 2014

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Not a big fan of the Batman franchise, but if it was like this…

Not a big fan of the Batman franchise, but if it was like this…

3rd March 2014

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I’ll blame this one on C.A.B. & Milagros.   C.A.B.’s  “We Have Always Been Here #21” with its imprisoned spy theme got me thinking dark thoughts.  Milagros has a number of wonderfully wicked short stories that feature the prospect of never ending tickling (I especially like “The Trainer” and “Halloween”). I had started this drawing some time back but inspiration hit like a sledge hammer- thanks my friends!

I’ll blame this one on C.A.B. & Milagros.   C.A.B.’s  “We Have Always Been Here #21” with its imprisoned spy theme got me thinking dark thoughts.  Milagros has a number of wonderfully wicked short stories that feature the prospect of never ending tickling (I especially like “The Trainer” and “Halloween”). I had started this drawing some time back but inspiration hit like a sledge hammer- thanks my friends!

3rd March 2014

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An Unwilling Accomplice

A story and artwork I did for the Bad Lieutenant’s “Peril Contest”

An Unwilling Accomplice

A Teens Fire & Frost Adventure        

by Augustine

(Teens Fire & Frost are the unique creations and original characters of The Bad Lieutenant)


     Tara Bishop took rather a long while to regain consciousness.  There were murmured voices and a sense of motion.  Her eyes were still blurry as she slowly opened them.  She could tell she was seated but her limbs felt strangely heavy.  The red headed superhero shook her head in an attempt to clear it, trying to both remember what had happened and where she now was.

      “Ahhhh.  Is our little helper finally awake?”  The voice, feminine yet deep, seemed to come from a long way off.  It was also vaguely familiar and for some reason that started a cold ball of fear in her stomach. She struggled to sit more upright…and it was then that she became aware of the fact that she could not move her arms.  She was tightly bound!  Revelation acted like a dose of cold water and Teen Fire jolted awake.  “MMNNFGFF!!!” 

     “Oh don’t try to talk just yet my dear.  We’ll take that gag out soon enough, but we have plenty of time and much to explain!”  Tara glanced around.  She was strapped into the back seat of a windowless van, further bound with her arms behind her back, ankles, knees and thighs cinched tightly with leather straps.  In the seat beside her sat a beautiful raven-haired woman in a short skin tight black dress, sleek legs crossed, the six inch heels glistening sable.  The Stiletto!  Morgana Ricaldi Strazio, heiress to a vast technology fortune, sometime art collector and socialite was better known in the murky world of crime as ‘The Stiletto.’  Not that anyone survived long who dared to publically associate the heiress with the crime lord and no one was really sure if the nickname came from her preferred footwear or the elegantly slim knife that so easily slid between an enemy’s ribs.  Strazio’s porcelain skin and perfect figure might declare a fashion model’s beauty but her cold, black eyes shimmered with a serpent’s lethality. 

     “We still have a bit of driving to do, my little red bird,” the Stiletto grinned, casually lighting a thin black cigar.  “But that will give me plenty of time to explain the job you’re going to do for me.”  She chuckled ominously.  “By the way, did you and your sister enjoy your visit to my warehouse?”

Teen Fire’s red-green eyes smoldered with anger at the villain’s taunts.   She and her sister, Kara, also known as Teen Frost, had been on the trail of some stolen computer processors, ones with the capacity to hijack communications satellites if they fell into the wrong hands.  Both Teen Fire and Teen Frost had suspected the Stiletto was somehow involved and the clues led them to a warehouse near the rail yards.  They had been looking at some suspicious metal containers- it was gradually coming back to her now- when her sister Kara had opened one of them…  Tara blinked.    

     There was a sudden cloud of gas she remembered, then, darkness.  The next she knew she was sitting in this van with Morgana Strazio.  Alone!  Kara!?  Teen Fire twisted in her seat frantically, looking for her sister but other than the two thugs in the front seat and the large, empty cargo space behind her, the van was empty.  Teen Frost was nowhere to be seen.  “RMFF!!”  Strazio let out a low chuckle.

     “Yes, it’s a pretty potent sleeping gas as you two discovered and, no, there weren’t any processors there. I just needed to get Teens Frost and Fire, “she said the names derisively, sneering. “…helpless and separated from those special jewels you wear!”

     The Stiletto tossed a shimmering red-green jewel into the air and caught it again before slowly rotating it between thumb and forefinger.  “Such power and possibilities in such tiny things,” she mused softly.  Tara grunted behind the strict gag, unable to pronounce the mystic word that would call her gem to her and enable her to tear free from her bonds.  That cold fear was growing now.  Where was her sister?  Tara closed her eyes.  Kara!  Kara! Where are you?  She strained to tap into the telepathic link she shared with her super sister but either Kara was still unconscious or too far away for Tara to reach her.

     “Wondering about your sweet sister, my dear?”  Her enemy’s smooth voice interrupted her efforts.  “Don’t worry your pretty little head.  Our dear Frost is many miles from here and being kept very safe…if probably not very comfortably!”  This last part she said a little louder directing the words to the men in the front seat and all three of them laughed. 

     Tara fidgeted more in her bonds, seeking some weakness or possible escape but it was no use.  Best to settle down and wait for an opening, she told herself pushing her worry for her sister down into a more manageable ache.  She turned her head to look at her nemesis, still glaring angrily.  The Stiletto laughed again.

      “Temper, temper my dear!  I suppose it’s a very good thing we took this little trinket from you or you might just do something nasty to us!” 

     Yeah.  Give me back that jewel and I will make it very hot for you, you bitch!  Even with the gag, Morgana Strazio was absolutely certain of what Tara Bishop was thinking!  She smiled thinly.

     “No I think it best if I hang on to it for now.  Besides, you’re going to do a little job for me and I promise I will give you your precious power gem back so you can accomplish your task!  Scout’s honor!”

      If you think I’ll do anything for you…

     The dark woman took a long puff on her cigar and placed the jewel in a small box beside her.  Then she swiveled her seat to look at the bound teen super hero beside her. 

      “Oh you will do what I ask sweetie.  Of that I am absolutely certain!  So let’s get down to business and I suggest you pay very close attention.  We are on our way to special government research facility in New Mexico.  My sources tell me they have developed a device there that can control all electronics in a three-hundred mile range.  It’s a bit like a nuclear blast’s EMP except that instead of destroying electronic devices, it overrides all controls and slaves them to itself.  In our technological age it’s the ultimate weapon.  Whoever possesses it can control every vehicle, cell phone, computer, power grid, life support system…well, you name it.  Think of it… Whoever possesses that device can demand anything she wants, anything at all and the world will fall all over itself to give it to her.”

     As she spoke Strazio got a hazy gleam in her eye and slowly began to rub her legs together, breathing shallowly. She placed a hand in her lap and pressed down hard, closing her eyes.  “Yesssssss.”

     Damn.  She’s getting off on this…  Tara marveled for a moment, even a bit curious herself.  After a pause, the Stiletto opened her eyes again, wet her lips with her tongue- a slow and very sensual motion- before sighing deeply.  She smiled and looked her captive in the yes.

      “Power.”  She breathed.  “It is the ultimate aphrodisiac and I plan to own the most potent source of power in the world!”  The woman reveled in the thought a moment more before collecting herself and waving her cigar vaguely in Tara’s direction.  “With your help of course, my darling little Teen Fire!  The facility has very tight security, but nothing that can withstand your unleashed power!  You are going to blast open that base and its security forces while my boys collect that little device.  Simplicity itself!”

     Not a chance!  Tara thought vehemently. Do whatever you like to me but there’s no way I’ll help you get hold of something like that!   Her narrowed eyes screamed defiance.  The Stiletto laughed.

     “Oh I know you think you aren’t going to help me, but all you need is the proper incentive!  And I think I know the perfect way to motivate you Teen Fire.”  She paused with impeccable timing.  “Would you like to see your dear, sweet sister?  Hmm?”

     In her hands was a wireless tablet.  She turned it so Tara could see what was on the screen.


Meanwhile, at a distant, undisclosed location…

     Teen Frost’s forearms were sealed, from where her elbows forcibly met to her wrists behind her back, in a tight steel sleeve.  At the end of the sleeve, her hands were entwined and further sealed in a steel ball bolted to the sleeve.  The position would have been painful enough without the bar that passed between her arms and back at the level of her shoulder blades forcing her arms painfully upward.  Testing her restraints had revealed to Kara that the ball encasing her hands was bolted to the wall behind her by a short swivel shackle. The bar was secured to either wall of the small cylindrical room in which the blond super hero was imprisoned.  No more than four feet in diameter the tube- for that’s essentially what it was- appeared to be made of steel, its ceiling only a foot or so above her head.  Kara Bishop squirmed against the uncomfortable restraints, trying to find some way to ease the pain in her arms and shoulders, but, then, that was perhaps the least of her worries.  She couldn’t remember how or when she had been locked in here and she hadn’t seen or heard anyone.  Her last memory was of the metal containers and the abandoned warehouse.  She had initially called for her sister, Tara, but discovered rather quickly that her mouth had been filled with a huge inflatable gag with a thick rubber cover strapped tightly around the lower part of her face and nose.  She could breathe, barely, through the small holes in the mask beneath her nose, taking in the pungent scent of rubber, sweat and a certain acrid smell she couldn’t identify. “MUNGGFF!”  Her jaw ached from its forcible distension.  It was very, very warm inside her strange cell.

       Tara!  Tara!  As her sister had tried, so too Kara did her best to establish their mental link.  Teen Fire was nowhere to be seen but, then, two people wouldn’t fit in this tiny space and for all she knew, Kara might be in a similar cell nearby.  Yet there was no response to her calls.   She therefore began a closer examination of her prison, worried as to who or what might be behind this but desperate to find a way to escape.  She looked down at her navel.  Teen Frost’s power gem was gone.  Not good.  It meant that whoever her captor was, he knew about her power and its source.  She was still wearing her costume she noted which she found strangely comforting.  Not that anyone could have removed her alien-engineered bottoms in any event, she mused.  Wait.  Her boots were gone.  There were tight steel cuffs around each ankle and a couple of feet of chain attached to each.  Her legs were spread out and the chains bolted to the wall.  Kara noted that the arrangement gave her some limited range of movement- she could lift her legs a bit and move around somewhat but she could not bring them together.  The forcible spread of course made it difficult for the bound hero to raise herself up much more and ease the pain in her neck, back and shoulders.  And then there was the other bar. 

     Like the one behind her back this one was also slotted into the walls of the container but was perpendicular to the other one.  It passed between Teen Frost’s legs and nudged against her pussy.  If she didn’t lift up at least a little bit on her toes she would be almost sitting on it.   Kara whimpered a bit behind the strict gag piece.  The bar, nuzzling near her crotch was not uncomfortable, in fact, given the erotic side effects of the alien material that her costume was made of, she was beginning to feel distinctly aroused.  Her latent kinky side was similarly somewhat awakened by the elaborate bondage. The potential for losing all control, in a situation where she had scant little as it was, worried Kara exceedingly. 

     She tried to lift herself up a bit off the bar but the resulting strain in her spread thighs and bent arms made the effort one of short duration.  She grunted and settled back down reluctantly.  In so doing she noted that the bar had a series of openings along its upper surface which inspired her to lift up again.  She wasn’t at all certain what might be inside her diabolical perch!  For the umpteenth time she tested her bonds, searching for a weakness before she noted a small black sphere along the edge of the cylinder near its ceiling.  A camera, perhaps.  She turned her head.  There was another an equal distance around the ceiling and possible still another behind her though she couldn’t turn sufficiently to be sure.  If those were cameras she was being watched, which meant there was someone out there.  Not much but she might be able to work with that fact later.  Kara tested her bonds yet again.

In the van…

     “OOOO!  Your sister does not look very comfortable, does she?”

Teen Fire watched the image of her bound sister shifting in her bizarre bondage, obviously seeking in vain for a less painful position.  Tara tried her mental link again but was unable to make the connection.  Hang on, Kara, she thought.  I’ll find us a way out of this!   She looked up at their evil captor.

     “Our little Teen Frost is all nice and cozy inside my ‘pressure cooker!’  Here.  Let me show you.”

A tap of her finger on the screen and another image popped up of a large gray metal cylinder.  It was in the middle of a low ceilinged, concrete floored room and an ominous array of hoses and cords ran out of view from its base.  Strazio tapped the screen again and the picture zoomed in to show some gauges on the front of the device.  One appeared to be a thermometer, its needle reading 88⁰.  Another was an LCD screen showing several lines with such ominous titles as ‘Stim Temp: 90⁰ ‘, ‘Speed: 0’, ‘Floor Temp: 90⁰’, ‘Stim/Attach Engaged: none.’ 

     “nnNNMM!!! UNplMM!!”  Teen Fire protested uselessly.  None of what she was seeing boded well.

     “Yes, honey.” The Stiletto purred.  “Your sister is only a little uncomfortable now but my little toy has the ability to make things truly hellish for Ms. Frost. Truly hellish!  Shall I explain it to you both?”

     Tara’s eyes were not quite so defiant now, Morgana noted.  Her grin was cold and cruel.  Another tap on the screen and then she spoke.

     “Ahhhh….Teen Frost I presume?  However did you get yourself in such a nasty place?” 

On the screen, Kara looked up sharply at the camera, her eyes narrowing as she recognized the Stiletto’s voice. 

     “Yes, very good.  I can see and hear you, my dear and, better yet, so can your adorable sister.  She’s sitting right here beside me.  Oh now, don’t fret.  She’s perfectly fine and not nearly as stressed as you seem to be at the moment!  Isn’t that right Red?”

     “MMFF!!! NRMF!!!”  Kara!  Kara!  Can you hear me?    On the screen, Teen Frost closed her eyes, obviously also trying to communicate with her distant sister but being equally unsuccessful.  All she heard were Tara’s muffled protests distantly through the speaker.  For her part, Tara could also hear Kara’s garbled calls and the faint jangling and creak of her sister’s restraints.

     “What a lovely family reunion!”  Stiletto giggled.  “But it’s nearly time to go to work so you two super brats need to listen very closely.  Frost, I do hope you are enjoying my ‘pressure cooker.’  I know it’s rather warm in there but, trust me, that’s nothing compared to what might happen!”  Teen Frost’s eyes went wider and she swallowed hard. 

     “The cooker, you see, is exactly that.  The temperature in there can rise as high as 1800⁰!  Of course you would be dead long before that temperature was ever reached!”  Kara squirmed on her support bar and Tara whimpered quietly at the predicament her sister faced.

     “But not to worry, darlings, I won’t be incinerating you…at least I hope not!  Any cremation that might happen will be entirely up to your fire-loving sister here!”  She smiled broadly, delighting in the dawning recognition that spread across Fire’s face and the confusion and fear on Frost’s.  Strazio felt a delicious buzz begin again in her crotch and licked her lips.

     “That’s right, Fire” she murmured when she had regained a bit of self-control.  “You will help me break into that government facility or your sister incinerates…and that rather slowly and excruciatingly painfully!  Her power gem is in a box just outside her prison so as the heat increases she will heal almost instantly, only to begin the burning process again!  And again.  And again.  Ouch!  That sounds exquisitely awful indeed, doesn’t it?  Of course there comes a point where the heat is so intense there’s nothing left to heal and then our Teen Frost becomes merely Teen Ash!”

    “NNNMMRRRFFF!!!”  Tara screamed into her gag.  Noooooooo!!! She couldn’t!   When the super teens were in physical contact with their jewels they were virtually indestructible.  But separated from them…   Neither girl knew just how extensive those healing properties might be but both were pretty sure that it could not reconstruct a human being from mere ash.  In the cylinder, Kara frantically renewed her struggles, terrified at the prospect before her.  Over the speakers she could hear the Stiletto addressing her sister.

     “Now if you are to use your powers to assist me, my most unwilling accomplice, I am going to have to return your jewel to you and untie you, aren’t I?   Lest you get any rebellious ideas, let me let you in on a few more details of our adventure together.  When I thought this little escapade up, I asked myself just what I’d do were I in your place.  Why I certainly wouldn’t want to help evil old Ms. Strazio but, then again, I certainly wouldn’t want to see my sister go up in a painful puff of smoke!”  She laughed again.  “In your place and with my powers restored I believe I would just force my nasty captors to take me to my sister and free her lest they get barbecued instead, right?”

     Tara’s heart sank.  Almost as soon as she had heard the scheme she had planned to turn the tables on the Stiletto and her associates in just exactly that way.  The smirk on Strazio’s face showed that she was well aware of what Teen fire had been planning.

    “No.  We can’t have that, can we?  So here’s the deal:  I have no idea where your sister is being kept. It’s true.  That little device belongs to one of my…er…less legitimate associates.  After gassing you two my colleague took Frost and I took you and we went our separate ways.  We plan to meet at an agreed upon location as soon as she sees the report of our little raid on the news.  I cannot call her or visit her and she has no number for me.  Save this video feed…” she waved the tablet, “…I have no other contact at all.  So you can torture me all you want, Fire, I couldn’t tell you a thing if I wanted to!”  Then her voice took on an even more ominous tone.

     “Worse for your sister.  If there is no report of my successful theft, there will be no rendezvous and sweet little Frost continues to suffer most exceedingly.   That is, unless my friend gets spooked when she doesn’t hear and opts to crank up the heat, as it were, and obliterate the evidence!   Moreover, the ‘pressure cooker,’ is fully automated and remotely controlled.  My partner is not at that location nor does she have to be.  She can adjust Frost’s torments from afar and there is a further fail safe built into the system.  If any unapproved intruder enters the facility, the dial automatically goes up to maximum and…well….I’m sure you both get the picture!”   She paused to stub out her cigar and rewarded her captive with a smug grin.

     “So you see my gamble?  I’m going to risk giving you your gem and your freedom, trusting that your love for your sister will make you cooperative and me safe.  Of course, I suppose it all depends on what sort of hero you are, doesn’t it?  Save Teen Frost by letting wicked little me have my prize, and all the havoc I plan to cause with it or save the world by refusing to do my bidding at the cost of your sister’s untimely and horrific demise!  Hmmmm.  Decisions, decisions!”

    On the screen Kara was screaming unintelligibly into her gag, having heard the twisted plans the Stiletto had explained.   Don’t do it Tara!  It’s not worth it!  Don’t worry about me!  You CAN’T let her have what she wants!   Not that Tara could actually hear what her sister was saying but the gist was clear enough.  It’s what she herself would have said if their positions had been reversed.  Unfortunately, looking at the nightmarish situation Kara was in, Teen Fire wasn’t so sure she could simply let her sister die.  Her mind raced frantically, searching for some solution, some weak spot in the Stiletto’s diabolical plan, an opportunity.  So far she could find no good options.  She took a deep breath and once again looked angrily at their enemy.  She knew that it would do no good to plead for mercy.  There would be none.

     Morgana Strazio watched her captive coolly, appraising. It was a dangerous game she was playing.  Tara Bishop may have looked like some ditzy beach bunny but looks could be deceiving and underestimating her might well prove fatal.  Teen Fire was not stupid and she was anything but weak, especially when in contact with that alien bauble.  The question was, was her love for her sister stronger than her altruistic moral fiber?  Could she let her sister die so terribly to save strangers- strangers who could never know or possibly understand the sacrifice made?  Just where was the line between hero and pragmatist?  Strazio would find out shortly and she was betting on the pragmatist.  She knew that if she was wrong Teen Fire’s vengeance would be catastrophic and if Teen Frost perished in the cooker the red head now glaring at her would have few qualms about incinerating Morgana Ricaldi Strazio! 

     But then the risk was also part of the thrill and worth it to her.  Theft, blackmail, bondage, sadism, danger and power- Oh! Such power both immediate and potential! - was a very heady and most erotic mixture.  The woman known as the Stiletto felt the dampness and heat begin between her legs and inhaled slowly and deeply.  There was more to do and more to prepare her captives for. She glanced out the front windshield and one of her goons looked back and nodded. The van came to a halt.

     “We have arrived at our destination and it’s time for Teen Fire to go to work for me.  There’s just one more little twist to our scenario here that you two do-gooders need to grasp.” She tapped the screen again, leaning over so Fire could see Frost’s image on the screen clearly. “Can you hear me well enough my dear Teen Frost?  Just nod at the camera if you can.  Splendid!  Now have you examined that bar your straddling?  As you might have gathered it’s more than just a seat for your cute bottom.  It has a variety of marvelous functions which my associate has programmed to start in…” she glanced at her watch. “…oh, about five minutes from now!  For starters it has several vibrating speeds and given the way it’s so tightly snuggled to your pussy it might turn out to be quite pleasant!  It also can heat up and cool down quite significantly, though I’m not sure just how it is currently set.  But then you’re sure to find out aren’t you?  Finally there are several knobs and spines, rollers and other toys designed to pop out and surprise you from time to time as well.  All together it ought to be very…stimulating!”

   Strazio glanced at Tara and said in an exaggerated aside:

    “And here you thought I was just mean and look what a nice thing I’m doing for your sister!  Why she’s sure to have loads of fun!  Of course…fun has consequences you know!” Both of the girls looked up.  Whatever she meant, it couldn’t be good and things were bad enough already. The Stiletto resumed speaking into the tablet’s microphone for Frost’s benefit.

     “You will have noticed, Teen Frost, that we removed those nice boots of yours.  It was quite necessary you see, as the floor you’re straining to stand on will begin to heat up very soon.  Things will get quite uncomfortable for your bare tootsies as you might imagine!  Not to worry, though.  Your leg restraints have more than enough slack to allow you to lift your feet off the hot floor. All you have to do is put your weight onto that special little bar you’re straddling!”

    Through the monitor, Tara and their tormentor heard Kara squeal.

    “Yesssssss, my dear!” Strazio hissed.  “I see you understand.  Relieving that hot foot will put pressure on that super pussy of yours and the more pressure exerted on the support bar, the more its special features go into overdrive.  All those wonderful little spikes and knobs and electrodes…oh?  Did I forget to mention those?  Well, suffice to say you might find it awfully difficult to endure those sensations, especially as I understand your costume has some rather potent, shall we say, side effects!”

   Inside the diabolical cylinder, Kara Bishop was just coming to understand the extent of her predicament.  If she strained to stand on her tip toes she could lift herself an inch or two off of that bar.  Of course doing so put enormous strain on the backs of her thighs and calves as well as her feet so there was certainly a limit as to how long she could hold that position. Her arms, bound as they were, gave her no leverage to lift herself up that way.  Yet when the floor began to heat up, it was obvious that her time off the bar would inevitably grow shorter.  The longer her incarceration continued the more time she would spend being relentlessly stimulated.  Not that that was necessarily a bad thing.  The Bishop sisters were already closet masochists long before they encountered the alien Mesha who had bestowed their powers, gems and super costumes upon them.  Just as their natural strengths had been enormously increased so too had their other energies.  That coupled with the effects of the alien material of their costumes on their bodies meant that Teen Frost and Teen Fire could experience tremendous sexual arousal, an arousal they found very difficult to control at times.  To be tightly bound and forced to endure the attentions of that demonic seat would send Teen Frost into an orgasmic maelstrom.  Pleasurable though it might sound, too much could push the girl towards the edge of sanity and it represented a serious weakness and loss of control.  Both the girls were absolutely certain, and thus desperately concerned, that the Stiletto planned to use that against her captive as well.  They didn’t have long to wait before the coup de grâce was spelled out.

     “Far be it from me though to inflict such mindless pleasure on one who has so often been a thorn in my side, wouldn’t you agree?  Besides, Frost, why should you have all that fun while poor Fire here has to do all the work?  No.  Wouldn’t be right at all!  Soooo…” Strazio took a deep breath.  Of all the sadistic facets of the scenario she had dreamed up for the two heroes, this was her favorite part. 

     “Therefore, despite all the titillation your nether regions will no doubt receive, you really must concentrate on maintaining control and would you like to know why?  Simple.  Every time you have an orgasm, my dear, the temperature and humidity levels in the cooker go up a few notches! Now a well-trained and fit person can stand heat up to nearly 200⁰, depending on the humidity of course, and a super gal like yourself, well, I’m betting you can take much more!  Since your magnificent little gem is so close too, odds are that even when it becomes lethal you will heal quite quickly…only to start the process over again!  I’m guessing you can cook in there for a very long time indeed, my dear Frost!  Let’s ask our heat specialist!  Wouldn’t you agree, Teen Fire?” 

     The Stiletto laughed a deep, sinister laugh.  She was enjoying this!  Beside her, Tara sobbed quietly into her gag.  She was fairly certain Strazio was correct and her sister could very well suffer hellishly for a long, long time…before the heat overpowered Kara’s healing capacity entirely and she literally disintegrated.  It was not worth dwelling upon.  Tara hung her head, unable to look either at the screen or at the cruel woman taunting her.  The woman wrapped up the preliminaries in a cold, matter-of-fact voice.

     “If you want your sister to escape such a horrendous fate, Fire, you will do exactly as I say and you will do it quickly.  Depending on Frost’s self-control, we may not have as much time as I thought!  And you, Frost, you work very hard at avoiding those orgasms lest you are consumed before your worried sister has a chance to rescue you!  Now then, enough chit chat.  We have work to do so we’ll leave you to your struggles, Teen Frost, while Teen Fire here assists me in pulling off the crime of the century.  I’ll look in on you from time to time and keep your sister appraised of your situation.  That should keep her focused and compliant.  Well„,ta, ta my dear! Do enjoy your time in my cooker.  I’d wish you luck but, then it appears as though you ran out of that some time ago!”

    She tapped the screen and it went blank.  She lifted Teen Fire’s chin on one elegant finger and looked deeply into the crime fighter’s startling red-green eyes.  Composing herself, Tara Bishop stared hatefully into the black, soulless eyes of the woman so aptly nicknamed.  It was a short lived battle of wills.  At least at the moment, the Stiletto held all the cards.

  “We’re here and it’s time to go to work, Teen Fire.  Now are you going to cooperate, in which case we can remove those bonds and restore your gem to you or will you be stubborn and let that sweet sister of yours die in the most horrific agony?  Just nod your head if I can count on your services.”

    Tara’s mind had been frantically racing for some time now, seeking some way out of her dilemma, but it seemed that Strazio had thought of everything.  Part of her was willing to make the sacrifice for the greater good but the image of Kara in the throes of her fiery torture, nearly dying but never quite, only suffering and suffering and suffering, was more than Tara could stand.  The only option she saw was to work with the Stiletto, however unwillingly, for now in order to find some as yet undiscovered weakness in her plan or until she could reunite with Kara.  Slowly Tara convinced herself that even if the Stiletto stole the Electro-control Device, if she could just link up with Teen Frost they could retrieve it together and finally defeat the grinning sadist next to her.  Her smoldering eyes glared defiantly but she slowly nodded.

     “Wonderful!  Boys,” she gestured to the thugs who had opened the van’s side door.  “…please untie Ms. Fire and remove her gag.”

     Soon Tara was standing unbound outside the van, the desert night cool and clear.  She flexed her shoulders to work some of the knots out and turned slowly to face Strazio as she came around the parked vehicle.  The woman’s dark eyes never left hers as she extended her hand, palm up, with the gem resting it.  Keeping their stare locked, Teen Fire snatched her jewel and instantly felt its power coursing through her body.  In her smoldering anger, heat was already radiating off of her, her hair beginning to billow in the waves and sparks crackling from her fingertips.  She replaced the gem in her belly ring.  The Stiletto watched the impressive display of latent power with her head cocked to one side and arms folded.  Teen Fire took a step closer.  She seemed to have grown in stature as well as power and her confidence was palpable.

“I ought to roast you right here!”  She growled through clenched teeth, her balled fists by her sides, flame licking out and swirling around her.  For the briefest of moments, Strazio’s confidence faltered a bit as she felt the intense heat rolling over her.  But she was too far down this road to back out now.  Composing herself, she forced a slow smile.

     “Oh I have no doubt you want to, and I’m sure it would bring you some measure of satisfaction…but if you kill me, you’ll never find your sister.  Unless of course omniscience is another power that little gem gives you.  No?  Well then we are at an impasse.”

     “I won’t kill you, you bitch! I can make you squeal until you tell me where she is!”  The flames swirled with an increased intensity.

     “Weren’t you listening my dear?  I don’t know where she is so I couldn’t tell you no matter how much you encourage me.  Your sister would still die horribly and you’d never even know where to find her ashes!  Need I remind you that Teen Frost is already suffering pretty badly even as we speak!  Unless you want her to remain in helpless agony, you’re wasting her valuable time!”  For what seemed like an eternity the two women remained frozen in their mutual glare, a supernatural, hot wind whipping around them.  Then the heat dissipated and the air grew still.  Teen Fire’s shoulders slumped ever so slightly and the Stiletto breathed an inward sigh of relief. 

   “All right then.”  She said.  “Gentlemen, if you will lead the way, we have work to do.”

At the crest of the hill they could look down on the government facility, several squat concrete bunkers ringed by three concentric bands of fences and barbed wire, lit by floodlights and surrounded by numerous patrols of guards.

In the ‘cooker’…

The muscles in the backs of her thighs were already trembling and the ache in her calves and the arches of her feet throbbed dully.  Yet these pains were nothing compared to the searing heat on her toes.  Kara had tried shifting from one foot to the other, blessed relief coming as one scorched foot came off the searingly hot floor.  As soon as she raised one foot, the miraculous healing power of her gem restored it almost instantly, but the memory of the pain still lingered and no relief was forthcoming for the foot still in contact with the floor.   Soon enough she had to put it down to sizzle again while the other was raised and healed until the process was repeated over and over again.   Her screams and squeals, though muffled considerably by the enormous gag, still echoed off the metal walls of her tight enclosure.

“RRRMMFFF!!!!!!!!  NNMMRFFF!!!!”  Kara was not certain how much of this she could take…until she remembered that the diabolical combination of her super strength, the power gem’s proximity and healing powers and the fact that the system in which she was trapped was fully automated meant that she could and likely would be made to endure this for a very long time indeed!  She grunted with effort as she continued to hop in the limits her bonds allowed.

     Morgana Strazio would have surely enjoyed the spectacle of the proud Teen Frost doing her squirming, hopping and oh-so-desperate dance, sweat pouring from her body in the already exceedingly warm room.  Frost had attempted to find some alternative to her hopping, raising herself up on her pinioned arms but the leverage just wasn’t there and the resultant pain on her strained arms, back and shoulders just too much anyway.  It was obvious that she did not want to sit down on the bar between her legs.  Already aroused by her tight bondage, betrayed as it were by her dark and deep-seated desires, the sight of the bar below her, which had already begun to vibrate and rotate, filled her with a bizarre mix of desire and dread. Worse she could feel that the bar was radiating not heat, but rather an intense cold.  Her captor had told her that it had that capability but she had not considered that cold might be used.  Cold, as might be suspected, created extremely intense responses from Teen Frost!  So the uncomfortable and painful dance went on.

     The frantic girl screamed into her gag, not because she expected any help or mercy but because it was one of the few things she could do.  Kara’s long white-blond hair hung in darkened, sweat-soaked strands clinging to her glistening body.  Her toned musculature strained and twisted, the chains attached to her limbs clanking and thrumming with the tension of holding the writhing heroine in place for her torture.  A drop of sweat pooled below one firm breast before falling to the floor and sizzling into a puff of steam.  She had no idea how much time had elapsed but it felt like she had been in this hell for an eternity…with an eternity more to go!  Then the cold, whirling bar below her did something unexpected.

   With a loud buzz and a click it began to rise, guided by previously unseen tracks along the wall.  Kara squealed and struggled to raise herself even higher but the bar continued its remorseless elevation.  “MMrrFFN!!!  NNnnnnnnMF!!”

Ohhhhhhh God!!!! That’s not fair!  No!  No I won’t be able to stand it!   Those more articulate cries echoed only in her head.  In the tiny torture chamber her muffled squeals went up and octave…especially when the bar finally made contact with her already over heated pussy.  Soon she was most unwillingly lifted off the floor, her ankle chains drawing tight.  When it finally stopped, Teen Frost was straddling the bar, legs tightly splayed out and arms still rigidly held behind her.  Between her legs the icy cold perch bore her entire body weight plus the downward tension of her bound legs.  In addition to vibrating, it slowly rotated, new knobs, bristles, and other protuberances popping out beneath the thin layer of material that did very little to protect her most sensitive parts.  Soon Teen Frost was trembling uncontrollably, her breath coming in rhythmic, wheezing gasps, kicking her legs in the minute amount of room given, but still wedged firmly on her perch, the impending orgasm and its painful consequences rapidly approaching.  As she felt the inevitable, she shook her head from side to side, the sweat soaked hair spattering the walls.  Nooooooo!!!!! Noooo!!!

Pleeeeeeeeeeease!!! Stoooooooooooop!!!!  Oh…oh…oooooooooooo!!!   When she finally came she nearly tore every muscle in her body, her squeal becoming a muted, despairing roar.  Her played toes vibrated as her feet kicked.

     The waves of pleasure and pain rippling through the girl’s body came to an abrupt end when the seat stopped rolling and vibrating and instead administered a painful electric jolt.  Kara screamed again and her ice blue eyes fluttered open widely.  Then the bar stopped rotating and began lowering to its original position.  She gasped for breath- hard enough with the huge gag inflated and strapped into place- as the tension on her legs eased.  Her relief was short-live however as her feet once again made contact with the hot floor and the dance resumed.  Then a loud buzzer sounded.  The inhuman, computerized voice that spoke next was startling, but it words were even more terrifying.

     “Unauthorized orgasm detected.  Unauthorized orgasm detected.  Commencing temperature protocol.  Levels now set to one hundred fifteen degrees Farenheight.  Thank you.  Have a nice day.”  There was a hum as the machinery kicked in and the already hot chamber became noticeably hotter.  Teen Frost groaned despairingly as the bar began to rotate again and her dance on the hot floor resumed.  The increased heat began to dry out painfully the top layers of her skin.  A few more degrees and she would indeed start to actually burn.

     Outside the pressure cooker, the basement room in which it stood was absolutely silent save for the gentle hum of machinery.  Only the read outs on the gages bore testimony to the sufferings of the helpless super heroine within.

At a government research facility in New Mexico…

     The roaring holocaust drowned out the sound of the facility’s alarms.   Teen Fire held her arms wide, hands curled slightly inward. Her thick red hair floated and swirled around her in super-heated eddies of air.   In front of her was an arc of fire, and impenetrable tunnel of flame that burrowed through the compound’s fences and directly through the thick concrete wall of one of the bunkers.  Beyond the wall of flame most of the facility’s security personnel lay unconscious.  Before making the tunnel of fire, Teen Fire had created a flame vortex above the compound that had consumed most of the oxygen, causing the guards to asphyxiate.   Tara fervently hoped she had manipulated the vortex deftly enough to simply cause unconsciousness and not death.  She was racked with guilt nonetheless.   A single tear slid down one cheek and she silently mouthed the words, “I’m sorry.  So sorry.”  

     Exiting the hole in the wall before the guilt-ridden pyromancer, the Stiletto sat atop a tractor towing a flatbed trailer upon which sat an object covered in a thick canvas cloth.  The triumphant smile on her face told Tara all she needed to know.  The Stiletto had acquired her prize.  Tara Bishop felt such a surge of hate it was all she could do to stop herself from collapsing the flaming arch on top of the fiend.  It would be such sweet justice.  Her fingers twitched.

      Hold on there, Red, she told herself.   Think of Kara.  We’ve got to save her!  Cooperate with the bitch for now and there will be plenty of time later for punishment.    It was solely the thought of that sweet revenge that kept Teen Fire going and enabled her to deal with the guilt and remorse.  She didn’t think any of the facility’s staff had seen her and she clung to that as well.  Second only to the thought of losing her sister was the horror of being thought of as a fallen hero, an agent of evil.  There would be a reckoning with this woman who had made her feel so helpless and ashamed.  Oh yes.

     “The prize is ours!”  Strazio shouted over the roar of the flames.  “Time to go back to the van!”  Behind her, her two minions crouched on the trailer, hoods pulled low over their faces to protect them from the heat.   With a flick of her hands, Teen Fire dispelled the flame which flickered out leaving only a rush of warm air and the acrid smell of burning.

     “Nicely done!  Come.  Let’s get our treasure safely away from here.”

Tara walked alongside the tractor trying to block out the sounds of the clanging alarms now more audible behind her.  No one was following them it appeared.  Perhaps no one could.  Suddenly there was an earth-shaking roar and a blast wave that caused Tara to stumbled.  She whirled around in time to see the enormous billowing cloud as the compound exploded, equipment and chunks of concrete spiraling skyward.  Even if the flame used for their break-in had not been seen, this pillar of smoke and fire would surely be noticed in the nearby town.  Teen Fire looked at the Stiletto, the question on her face.

     “Just tying up loose ends my dear.  I want everyone rushing to that compound, not looking for us!  Besides, we had to make sure there was news coverage or we’d never be able to make the rendezvous with my associate and relieve your poor sister’s sufferings!  You hadn’t forgotten, had you?” she teased.

     Of course she hadn’t.  “But, but…that explosion!” Tara stammered.  “There were people still in there!  You didn’t have to…”  The Stiletto laughed.

   “Oh honey!  What?  Did you think I was the good guy in this little tale?  I don’t worry myself with the little people.  And neither should you.  That’s a weakness heroes have to deal with…and you’ve already gone more than a little towards the dark side haven’t you?  You’d best get used to such insignificant collateral damage.  After all, we make such a great team!”

     “We are not a team,” Teen Fire snarled.  “You’ve forced me into this to save my sister but don’t for one minute think I am some sort of willing accomplice to your schemes.  You will face justice eventually, Stiletto, you have my word on that!”

     “I suppose we’ll have to see about that.  In the meantime, boys, load up the van.”

The two women locked eyes while, behind them the two hooded thugs manhandled the device into the back of the van.  Strazio folded her arms, a smirk on her face.  Teen Fire clenched her teeth rolling a small ball of fire between her fingers.  Both knew they had reached the delicate part of this dangerous dance.  In a low voice the Stiletto murmured:

     “Shall we check in on your sister?”

She produced the tablet again and tapped its screen a few times.  She smiled.  Turning the tablet around so Fire could see it, the screen displayed an outside view of the ‘pressure cooker,’ its dials showing clearly.  

‘Stim Temp: -5⁰ ‘, ‘Speed: 45 RPM’, ‘Floor Temp: 200⁰’, ‘Stim/Attach Engaged: all.’  

     The needle on the internal temperature gage hovered around 180⁰ F.

Tara choked back a sob.

     “Yikes!  It doesn’t look like Teen Frost will be having much fun in there!  180 degrees!  Most people are burning up by that point but it would seem your dear sister is still quite alive in there…just a tad uncomfortable!  Our lovey Frost hasn’t melted away entirely!  Shall we see what’s going on inside?”

Another few taps.

    “Goodness!  How awful!”

Tara didn’t want to look but equally couldn’t resist.  On the interior view Kara was squirming frantically, her ice blue eyes, wide and wild, standing out against her otherwise reddened and sweat streaked skin.  Her normally platinum hair was almost black with sweat and draped across her shoulders, chest and back.  Tara could see that she had opted, at least for the moment, to sit upon the bar lifting both feet clear of the red hot floor.  Evidently she had decided to risk the potential for more orgasms over the torment of that stove-like floor.  Of course the bar continued its steady rotation and Fire could just make out the knobs and other stimulators popping out in just the right places.  Despite her obvious agony, Frost still twitched and trembled each time.  The spectacle was incredible and certainly anyone else would have expired long before now.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how one viewed it, the combination of super strength and the gem’s healing powers allowed Teen Frost no such relief.  Even as her sister watched, angry, reddened burning patches would spread across her smooth skin only to be followed by an equally rapid spread of newly healed flesh.  Oh Kara…hold on just a bit more

     Both the women looked up at the distant sound of sirens.

     “It appears our activities have attracted the authorities and no doubt the news crews.  That ought to be good news for the two of you!  Shall we proceed to the rendezvous?”  The Stiletto gestured towards the open side door of the van.

     Fire pointed a red gloved finger at the woman’s face.  A tendril of fire snaked out and hung twirling in the air.

   “Let’s go, but I warn you.  One wrong move from you and I’ll make sure what you’ve put my sister through will seem like day at the park compared to what you’ll suffer!  Are we clear?”

   “Perfectly.  Boys, to the rendezvous point and no sudden movements.”

    In the van the master criminal and her associates, as well as their unwilling accomplice drove off into the night.  In the two back seats, Fire had swiveled around to face the Stiletto, her finger still pointed directly at the woman in black.  For her part she simply watched the lovely red headed super hero with a maddeningly smug expression.  Otherwise, they drove in silence. 

     After some time, Tara noticed that Strazio seemed to be struggling to keep her eyes open. 

     “Taking a nap?  Not used to putting in so much effort?”  Teen Fire taunted, not revealing that she was, herself, feeling more than a little exhausted.   The Stiletto raised her head, slowly as if it weighed a ton.  She smiled slowly as well.

      “No…it’s…just…” she grinned wolfishly “…the gas!”

     Teen Fire wasn’t sure she had heard right.  Her head seemed foggy, slow.  Gas?  What gas?  Strazio wouldn’t be so stupid as to gas all of us!  What good…would..that…do?”

     Then she saw the thug in the passenger seat turn, pushing back his hood to reveal the gasmask he wore.  No!  She turned back to the woman beside her but it was hard to stay focused.  Strazio was already unconscious and in a fleeting moment of lucidity Tara realized she had been tricked all along.  The Stiletto might be unconscious but her minions were not and soon Fire herself would be helpless yet again.  She tried to raise her hand and command the flame but only a weak flash was emitted before the blackness enveloped her.

Another job…

     There a terrible ache in her arms which were strapped in an impossibly tight position behind her.  Her legs straddled the odd looking bar on which she sat.  Ankles chained to the walls and stringently gagged, she was jolted wide awake when she recognized once again the sinister interior of the Stiletto’s ’pressure cooker.’  Her boots had been removed and her bare feet rested on the very cold floor.  Surprisingly, her all too familiar prison was very cold inside.  With a sinking heart she knew that would likely change. 

     Then she saw the note.  Taped to the wall opposite her, it was written with large, flowing letters by, she could only assume, Morgana Strazio.  The helplessly bound super girl could almost her enemy’s taunting voice:

Hello my dear!  I’m sure you’re very familiar with this place already.  You’re sister has some more work to do for me and I appreciate the incentive you will be providing.  You already know how this works so I’ll spare you the explanations.  You should know however that my wonderful pressure cooker can also double as a flash freezer!  That should be very exciting for you.  Good luck…you’ll need it!”

Tara Bishop, a.k.a. Teen Fire, screamed into her gag.

The End…?


3rd March 2014

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Cue Carly Simon’s “Anticipation”

Cue Carly Simon’s “Anticipation”

13th February 2014

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The trials of Teens Frost and Fire continue at the hands of their evil captors. They have endured the earth and water purification rites.  Now they face…air!  F & F are the original character of my DA friend, The Bad Lieutenant.

The trials of Teens Frost and Fire continue at the hands of their evil captors. They have endured the earth and water purification rites.  Now they face…air!  F & F are the original character of my DA friend, The Bad Lieutenant.